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Why care for a website?

All Software is Vulnerable 

Therefore, a website needs special care, support and protection

Just making a website is not the end of the task. A website is a living entity. Almost all websites, including the websites of world-famous organisations like Facebook or US Defence’s Pentagon, or small businesses, are getting attacked every day. It’s a part of the game in modern cyber-world we live in.
To keep your website alive and secured we must carry out few tasks.

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How do we care for your website?

1. Software Updating

WordPress/ Themes/ Plugins Updates

WordPress is a mostly-used software application used to build websites. We, the website builders, get constant updates from WordPress. Our dedicated team uses programming software, PHP, CSS and HTML for website building and additionally use plugins and themes. All these software applications are vulnerable and therefore, are frequently updated to be kept strong.

2. Backups

This is an important aspect of caring for a website. Backing up can be done daily, weekly or monthly or at other intervals. In fact, it is equal to protecting of your investment. If at any moment the site is hacked, a backup can be used to restore the site in no time.

3. Uptime Monitoring

This is about the website speed. If the speed slows down that can be checked and remedied.

4. Migration

If you want to change your web hosting company, we will be able to help in migration process to do it very quickly.

5. Technical Support

This is about basic troubleshooting. We can check the causes of a problem and correct it.

6. Security Monitoring

This is about keeping your website free of malicious attacks.

Basic measures adopted for security monitoring are:

•   Implementation of a firewall
•   SSL certification
•   Installation of a WordPress security plugin
•   Automated email notification set up about site security warnings

There are more advanced measures as well.


7. Website Updates

Add new images
Change fonts
Upload testimonials
Remove unwanted material

8. Database Maintenance

WordPress databases may become cluttered or messy often for many reasons, such as spams, old images, unwanted plugins and themes etc. This situation requires cleaning the database monthly or at regular intervals. A website owner has to ensure his site is live, attractive and easy to navigate.

9. Audits

Periodical audits on various areas of the website is necessary. This is a full analysis of all the factors that affect website’s visibility. It gives a complete insight into any website, overall traffic and individual in a bird’s eye view. It reveals potential problems and helps identify fixes to remedy such problems. One such audit technique is “Google Analytics”, that reviews last month’s traffic and trends and which can provide useful insights. These can be used to make future recommendations.

Website Care Plans

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Software Updating:
WordPress/ Themes/ Plugins Updates
Daily Backups
Security Monitoring
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
SEO Tracking 5 keyword phrases
Monthly reporting
Migration help
Website Updates
Terms and conditions apply


Software Updating:
WordPress/ Themes/ Plugins Updates
Daily Backups
Security Monitoring
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
SEO Tracking 5 keyword phrases
Monthly reporting
Migration help
Technical Support
Database Maintenance
Website Updates
Website Consultation Meeting
Terms and conditions apply


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