Let’s invest in an attractive website

However, consider your requirments first and choose the most appropriate option


Few things for you to consider are...

Why do you need a website?

You are an ambitious small business owner. Your main aim is increasing the volume of your business and services. So, essentially you want to increase your volume of clientele, i.e. you want to inform the world about your business. Have you thought about other means of achieving your goal? Such as advertising in print media, advertising on radio, TV etc…? But you feel your message does not reach all the customers you want to know about your business. Well, then a website can be the best solution.

Consider the type of your website

This depends on the volume of information you have to pass on to the world. If you need to convey only the basic information (including a blog) about your business, a one to four-page website would be sufficient. If you have a large volume of information, including visual ads (photos, videos etc…) and you intend get feedback and connect the website to social media (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook etc…), you may need few more pages. If you intend to sell goods and services online and receive payments online (ecommerce), you may need some more additional pages for your website.

How do you plan to maintain your website?

Just making a website is not the end of the task. It has to be maintained throughout the life time of your website. Maintenance involves providing security, updating themes and plugins, developing with additional features, caring and updating with your new information, backing up etc… And that involves costs.

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Most importnat things you should know...


1. Website Contents (Content Management Systems)

To create a website, we need contents. Invariably, you are the best person to decide on what should go into the website. Therefore, you have to provide us with the basic information, such as details of your goods and services, images, videos, location and any other relevant information. We can discuss and decide on how best to place the information for best results.

2. Domain Name

To launch a website you need a Domain Name. This can be purchased from a service provider. There are famous worldwide service providers of whom we prefer “GoDaddy”. Click on the link to find out more information. https://nz.godaddy.com

Depending on the extension, a domain name for your website may cost a few dollers. The service provider will tell us the purchase price and the renewal cost.

3. Website Hosting

You need another service provider for website hosting. “SiteGround” is one such famous hosting service provider. You may click on the link below to find out their pricing. We also can assist you in selection of a suitable hosting plan.



4. Website Traffic Analysis

Website traffic means the number of users who visit a website. It is an indication of the success in attracting worldwide audience. By analysing website traffic we can find the number of visitors to a site, their length of stay, number of visitors who  made purchases, what goods are in high demand etc… This service also involves a cost.

5. Website Caring

Your website must be a living source of information to the world about your business, hence, It needs maintenance throughout its life time. Maintenance involves: updating, modifying, securing, backing up and more.



6. Costs

We can develop your website at a very reasonable cost. In this regard, we have three brands for you.

Brand one  :  Starter – (Basic)

Brand two  :  Walker – (Medium)

Brand three: Runner – (Full Web Package)


SiteGround” is one such famous hosting service provider. You may click on the link below to find more information. 



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