Why is Reading Essential

for Kids


Reading is easy. Show them how you read a book. They will imitate.

By Reading, they; 

• learn words, sounds, pronunciation.
• develop mind power, (power of thoughts goes a long way throughout the life).
• Develop understanding, focus, emotions, positiveness
• develop habit of reading.

    When reading you spend the time together, In return, you will get a thrilling satisfaction from strengthening the bond between your loved angels and you.

    Is there any specific place for reading? Nope! Take a book wherever you go with the baby or kid. Any place is good place; anytime is good time.

    The Amazon Kindle Books that I prefer Most for Children

    There is a huge calection of Amazon books  for all ages extensively helped kids to grow smarter .  I only placed tools which I used and love. I believe those will be highly beneficial to you as well. Enjoy!

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     Not only reading; Talking and Singing, too…

    • Talking, singing, involving them in little activities are also the vital tools to help them develop their brains.
    • The age-old habit of storytelling and singing is really fun, you both will enjoy! Lookin to storytelling podcast.
    • It need not be a traditional fairy tale. Make up your own story, which can help the kid follow your line. You can give the little one a good, everlasting learning experience.
    • Sing together. You can even use other languages. What a fun for both of you!
    • If you have older children get them involved. They, too, will love it.

    Hum a tune, tap on a table, baby will follow you

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