How to make fire text effect in PowerPoint


1. Launch PowerPoint

2. Create a completely blank slide and delete text, boxes etc.

3. Draw a rectangle box covering the complete slide (Click on Insert / Shape /select a rectangle box and draw the box)

4. Apply any color if necessary (click on→ Shape Format → Shape Fill → Add Color

5. Double-click in the middle of the shape → Type some text

6. Format text (Format → Font to a larger (100) text type ( Areal Black) color (Yellow)

7. Right-click in the rectangle shape → Cut → Paste as a Picture on the same slide

8. Apply transparent to texts (click on Picture Format → Color → Set Transparent Color→ Bring the pen tool on top of any letter and click on it. Now see the text transparent as below. Texts became white color.

9. Insert a video (Click on Insert→Video…free video clips are available on the internet) and cover the text area

10. Click on ‘Playback → Start → Select “Automatically”

11. Send the video back (right-click and send to back)

12. All done!, Play the slide

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